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Placing a dental crown over a tooth that is damaged by decay or traumatic injury is a procedure that your Lake in the Hills dentist, Dr. Stirneman performs regularly. A proponent of conservative dentistry, he always strives to preserve a tooth (rather than extract a tooth) and a dental crown is often the treatment to do this.

Dr. Stirneman uses a dental bridge to fill in the space left behind when you have missing teeth. False teeth, called pontics, are suspended across the gap in your smile. And while a dental crown can be used independently, a bridge always requires two crowns for support.


Dental crowns or caps are often recommended to restore form and function to a tooth that might not otherwise be salvageable. For instance, if you have a tooth with an unusually large area of decay, then an ordinary filling might not provide sufficient support. In this case, Dr. Stirneman will recommend a dental crown in Lake in the Hills. Likewise, when a tooth is deeply cracked or seriously fractured, tooth structure can be held together or rebuilt with a crown.

Preparing for and placing a dental crown usually requires you to schedule two appointments. At the first, Dr. Stirneman, removes any decay that may be present and then trims away some of the enamel and dentin layers in order to reshape the tooth. This is done in order to fit the crown over the tooth and between adjacent ones. A temporary crown that we make in the office is placed to protect your tooth until your next appointment when the permanent crown is attached.


As the name dental bridge suggests, this prosthetic device is designed to span an open gap in your smile. A bridge will not only improve your appearance, but can also make a world of difference in your ability to chew normally and once again enjoy your meals! Moreover, a dental bridge can be used to fill in for one, two or even three consecutively missing teeth.

With the aid of an impression, Dr. Stirneman provides our dental lab with exacting specifications so your crown and bridge tooth replacement fits perfectly. The prosthetic is formed as a single unit, with crowns at both ends and false teeth in between. Once the crowns are adhesively bonded to healthy teeth adjacent to the gap in your smile, the bridge naturally rests in place. To care for your crown and bridge, brush and floss everyday and be sure to use a special floss threader to remove debris and plaque from underneath the bridge.

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